The Dartmoor Railway Supporters' Association

Welcome to the website of the DRSA. We are an all volunteer organisation dedicated to supporting the former LSWR/Southern railway between Meldon Viaduct and the site of the former Coleford Junction.

We enjoin our members and supporters to comply with the government's advice during the Covid-19 crisis, and to do everything possible to keep themselves, their loved ones and the community safe.

Dartmoor Railway Community Interest Company went into administration in February 2020. DRSA awaits the outcome of this process, and the associated asset sale. The reinstatement of a regular weekday Exeter - Okehampton train service will have a profound effect on the options available to us. The path forward from the awful Covid-19 situation is as unclear to us as everyone else. Once these 3 issues are resolved, we will have a clearer idea of what future options, if any, are available to us, and we will be able to begin to plan.

In answer to three 'Frequently Asked Questions', both the Okehampton and Meldon buffets are closed until further notice, the summer Sunday service to Exeter won't be operating in 2020 and the Polar Express / Train to Christmas Town events won't be taking place again.

Poignant image of the temporary stop board and sleeper guarding the entry to the Dartmoor Railway.
Photographer: Graham Bowden

Letter published in the Railway Magazine for December 2008:
"I am glad to be able to tell readers that life is returning to Okehampton station. A mini-buffet operated by volunteers has been doing a 'roaring trade' over the last few weeks in connection with the Sunday Rover trains from Exeter, the platform posters are reinstated, and once more there is a sense of bustle about the place. Dartmoor Railway has a new owner and the Friends of Dartmoor railway are recruiting again!" It was signed by David Clegg, who we're pleased to say is still serving the DRSA committee 12 years later. Let's hope Dave's optimism is justified second time round.

How it was on the last day of the 2019 heritage season, and how we hope it might be again. D4167 in Okehampton platform 2 with the heritage rake.
Photographer: Paul Martin
Date taken: 29/09/2019

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