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Getting Ready For the Big Day

There wasn't much time to organise the wedding from when Andy & Jo got engaged, so it all had to be done with great efficiency. Jo managed to find someone who didn't need six months to make a dress, the church and Cricket Green were booked, invites were sent out and things started to fall into place.

The last couple of weeks were rather hectic, they bought their new flat with just ten days to go, and picked up the keys 24 hours before the wedding.

The marquee for the reception

Help was enlisted to get the marquee looking perfect for the reception.

Fi Cann
Dave Eaton


It all looks a little bare


Marquee 3 Steve Hutchison showed off his ivy twisting skills, with the help of his wife Mary.


Jo had memorised the seating plan, so we let her put all the name tags on the chairs...Marquee 4


Marquee 5Marquee 6
Marquee 7





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