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Final Freedom

The Stag Day

The boys started the day with a bit of Go-karting which was awesome fun. Andy showed us his newly found skill at driving by beating everyone, and lapping most of us!

We then went down to the arcades in Paignton, to be amazed by Andy's command of the world of pinball, and to all of our surprise (especially Andy), his amazing ability to dance...

Back to Totnes for a spot of footy, which totally whacked us all out. This was followed by a bit of time with God to get the focus right for this exciting time.

Then back to Andy's for Toca 2 on the playstation and a massive curry, then more Toca 2, of which Simon was the champion, just beating Andy round the track.

Unfortunately my two photographers failed to get any photos!! Ah well, that's Stag days for you!



The Hen Day

The girls went to a health club and spent the day soaking and steaming themselves. After which they had a good slap up meal! I had to send a spy along to get a few photos...

Jo, Fiona, Joanna, Fi and Sal
all enjoying a soak


Instructions for using Val!


Meal 1
Jo got the full treatment...


...and thoroughly enjoyed it





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